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Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:38  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Lebanon  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:11/16/2004 (GMT)   

well... I study psychology, I write in a newspaper, and from time to time I design clothes(its just a hobby) . I love art, and I wish I lived in the 60s... " Be Ashamed To Die Until U Have Won Some VICTORY For Humanity"

with close friends in a pub

IN ARMENIA kotayk is delicious


 Vahes: That's right- Kotayk is excellent! Check out

 paul_A: hey Isabel where r u? ur not joining msn lately, u joined once and said that ur lost what s wrong ? i m really looking forward to hear from u,and btw mono turned out to be an amusing place see u soon
 elgustapo: hello how r u well i like ur profile and style of parties
mmm can i chat with u ?
 FUNK-MASTER: hi there... wusssssup... what r u doin know........ how is your CAR..
 cypros: i like to be friends with u
so what do u think

 NIHIL: in the river of forgetfulness? loll.
 NIHIL: Yup...Nihilism as in the philosophy of Nothingness...Thanks for the "happy bday" =)
 armando6: hey khentoug........ammmmmma i hope you feel better soon, man how can you get along with a fever on a hot summer like this, hehehehe...........anyways iso, stay chillin, miss ya lots and i'll see ya around, mwwouah
 Fishbath: Hi sexy u remember me...... I saved your life once!!
 cosmopilot: lol...nice one
do know why (8) is afraid of (7) ???

 puzo83: hey how r u? remember me? how's life? studies?everything? take care for now...laters..PeAcE**
 paul_A: when i find myself in times of trouble marijuana comes to me ,smoking fumes of wisdom let it be dam dam dam
 Hopig: aghchig , mart mek had message me ge kere , mart chenk ouder gor , lol , laves ? yalla i am out bye bye
 sous_1234: hi there , where from in lebanon !?!
 Holy_Diver_III: hello miss anjar hows u
 armando6: hey khentoug!!!! laves? missed you too hokis!!! i'm really sad iso, cause i was hoping to get down to lebanon this summer but i ain't coming now, it's a long story man, anyways i hope you guys are having fun, just wanted to tell you that i missed you a lot and trust me iso you guys never leave my mind alone, hehehehehe, whatever hokis yalla stay in touch and i'll talk with ya later, aight, yalla bye.....
 grag: it's good to chat with u!!!!!
 JONNY74: salut isabelle u look soooo cute
 david22: hiiiiii '''varty bes keghetsik ess''' i wish that i was in ur party
 lordgregor: hey there !!!
do u know who i am .??
let me give u a hint
(u didn't like the water at bongo's heh?)lol......think about it ..

 cosmopilot: do u msn?
 grag: hi oores!!!!
 Texas: hi how r u
 cosmopilot: I C..!
 greg: smirnov ice!!! ohhhhhhhhhhhh I like that! come on this is one of my best drikns if not the most! I like it so much! so whats going on?! inch ga chiga kovet, what is your plans for the weekend? I am going to the sea but I will drink beer! bey c u dsoon, have you been here?! do you have any intention to come
 Black: ares&black beauty rating company
your score is : 10(out of 10)

 cosmopilot: hoi ,do play any musical instrument or something ?!

 greg: he I am in beirut!!!!! well actually I was for just one daY, kordzov! how the things are going on with you?! still drinking godoyk?!
 cosmopilot: i will, as soon as i end up these book ,i'm reading at the moment!
 cosmopilot: hey hi..
 ara323: hey nice pic how are you?
 greg: hi lethe how are you?! hope everything fine! how is the exams?!
 elie_chahbazian: HI LADY I LIKE UR PIC & UR LOOK SO MUCH
 Porig: Hey Khentoug How r u ?
 matrix_johnn: so sexy and beauty wowww i like your type i am very
 rottingchrist: hello how r u ? can u write more about urself plz
 IMMORTALL: hi sweety how r u fine ?

 vrej23:  hi how r u shad urakh em ko hed dzanotanalus waw u r very good wawwwwwwwwwwww

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