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hey ...i am all blue.....u want to know what that means....well u ahve to come and see...

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 Rose_24: Hello Stranger, how are u? How is everything going? How is the weather there. I here it is very hot here it is freezing. So if I don't msg u, u don't lol. Hope to hear from you soon.

Ciao for now shalla esmah akhbarak do msg when u have a spare minute
 angel_eyes: hi devil well i guess if you're in hell it would be hard for you to see angels with angelic eyes but i guess you can dream of them right !!! yalla bye saty in hell
 Rose_24: Hey, what I don't get anymore responses or say hello to me at all I havent been on for awhile. How have you been? What is it that you wanna talk about? khallas ma badak tehka mahi? talk soon seeya for now.
 angel_eyes: hi bob look if u want to know what with the angelic eyes u'll have to come and see them with your blue eyes bye bye
 ArabianPrincess: hey wut up? I like green but blue's cool to . Well I g2g ttyl. bye

 Rose_24: Hi how are you? Sorry haven't replied I have been really busy at work and stuff. How have you been? Well I don;t have a computer at home but when I do I will surely talk to you on msn. How is the weather I hear it is very hot. I wish I can go back, I really enjoyed myself when I went there for a holiday, hopefully I can go back soon. Talk soon.
 pouppee13: wow,u must be cute,speciallu if ur tant,blue color goes well with ur color.
what kind of clinic u got??
 pouppee13: hey,what u mean ur blue?? i love that color!
thanks for the message,and yes i love my bf,so i'll wait for him!!
 girlyyy: hii so can i know more ABOUT U FIRST
 Rose_24: I live in New South Wales, Sydney u?
 a_girl: yes i'm
why u ask?

 lebanese_devil: hi hun thanks 4 your message take care
 girlyyy: hi u seem cute too so hiiiii

 Rose_24: hey what u said!..i mean the quote ...but u know..something..maybe the world is not enough for that one!!

Rose_24: I guess you have to be patient and have faith I think everyone is that someone for that person - in the world.
 Lebo_angel_2c: Hey HoW Is You ?
 Lebanese_Queen: Black and blue? Let's see....
Anyways kifak?
Yalla be7kik ba3den, write back

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