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Age:32  MSN:Members Only
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Last Online:7/20/2002 (GMT)   

Hey u guys. My name is Niahia, im 16 years old and Im from Miami. I love to shop, dance, workout, and meet ppl! I hate chicks that are full of themselves and have nutin better to do w/ there time then to flatter themselves. Sven I love u forever, ur one of my best friends and I hope we meet again... I miss California so much! Well i luv you all, and peace out! MWA! i wanna also give a shout out to all my guys and gurls in Cali and Florida! you guys are the best. love, Niahia

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 crzysucka51: lol how do u know her haha
 russianniggaz47: sup girl! ya i know memba wen we planned it. Katrina, Nora, Nadia and Ericka say hi. o by the way if u wanna talk to my lil sis Jamie shes on teh site now she left a rather funni message lol. well c ya babe havea happy fourth u sexy thang!

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